Lost in Maine Racing is a grassroots rally team based out of Alfred, Maine competing in the American Rally Association (ARA) Eastern Region as well as the New England Regional SCCA Rally-X and Rally Sprint Programs. We compete in a team built 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS.

Andrew Benson, Driver Lost in Maine Racing

Driver (Andrew Benson)-

Andrew started his motorsports career in Auto-X running a ’96 civic, 2.5 RS (turbo), Miata turbo, and anything people would let him drive. This honed his skills and got him through college but left him with a desire to be in a rally car. In 2016 he started co-driving at the NER SCCA RallySprints and the 2016 New England Forest Rally. In 2017 he was on the podium for both NEFR and STPR in a production 2WD. After two years in the right seat; he built his own car and it saw its first stage at the 2018 NER SCCA Winter RallySprint.

Zach Stewart, Co-Driver Lost In Maine Racing

Co-Driver (Zach Stewart)-

Zach got his original interest in rally from volunteering as a HAM radio tech at several of the NER SCCA RallySprints. After several years of volunteering at NEFR and other New England events he joined the community through driving and navigating in several TSD rallies. Once the Lost In Maine car was completed Zach joined the team as a Co-Driver to help the team build confidence and speed throughout the season.

Team History:

2018 was the first year for Lost In Maine Racing. The season started out well with several competitive times against veteran teams at the NER Winter RallySprint. From there the team went on to take 1st place in the NA4WD class at the final RallySprint of the season. We also attended the 2018 NEFR and STPR. The team was able to set fast times among the regional cars at both events and finished 4th at NEFR in N/A Open. This was a building year for the team and we are eager to hit the ground running in 2019. We have plans for car upgrades and team training. The teams event schedule for the coming season is more expansive with our sights set on the ARA Eastern Regional Championship.

Lost In Maine Racing STPR Pass 2018
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